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Erbrecht und Verlassenschaften

Law of trusts and estates

Law of trusts and estates

  • Advice and representation in all matters relating to the law of trusts and estates

  • Arrangement of business succession, particularly in family-run businesses

  • Succession planning

  • Estate disputes

  • Drafting, custody and registration of last wills and testaments

  • Execution of last wills and testaments after the death of testators

  • Probate proceedings, estate protection, assertion of claims to the estate, particularly compulsory entitlements and any additional portions as well as compulsory share in inter vivos gifts

  • Gifts upon death


Real-estate law

Real-estate law

  • Advice when buying real estate, especially apartment buildings, office buildings and hotel facilities

  • Real-estate transactions (contract negotiations, due-diligence audits, drafting of contracts and fiduciary handling as well as contract registration)

  • Complete service package for real-estate investors (complying with the proposed conditions, we search for a suitable property and assist clients in their dealings all the way to the finalisation of the transaction, financing included)

  • Complete service package for real-estate sales, including buyer searches and investments

  • Advice and representation of facility managers and self-managing real-estate owners in all matters relating to property management

  • Facility management in specific cases

  • Voluntary auctioning of real estate


Insolvency law

Insolvency law

  • Legal advice and representation of debtors in insolvency proceedings

  • Legal support during reconstruction, reconstruction plan

  • Advice and representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings

  • Insolvency administration

  • Setting up of hive-off vehicles

  • Protection against appeals

Miet- und Wohnungseigentumsrecht

Tenant-landlord law and residential property law

Tenant-landlord law and residential property law

  • Rental and leasing contracts

  • Termination and eviction procedures

  • Establishment of ownership to an apartment (old and new buildings) and residential ownership contracts

  • Advice and representation in all matters concerning tenant-landlord law and residential property law

  • Representation of apartment owners at owners' meetings

  • Organisation of owners' meetings

  • Resolution of disputes between apartment owners and between apartment owners and facility management

  • Formulation of agreements in acc. with sec. 14 (5) of the new Residential Ownership Act (WEG) for shared ownerships by virtue of which legal succession is determined in the event of the death of one of the ownership partners and which need to be concluded before a notary or with the assistance of a lawyer

Verträge und Treuhandschaften

Contracts, trusteeships

Contracts, trusteeships

  • Drafting and execution of contracts required both for private and for corporate purposes

  • Fiduciary handling in acc. with the guidelines for the electronic fiduciary book for lawyers

  • Tax-optimised configuration of individual contracts


Asset management

Asset management

  • Asset management, also in cooperation with cust